Sunday, December 23, 2012

First time in the Snow!

We got our first snow that stuck around on Friday, and luckily Uncle Evan was able to come over for lunch with us. So we decided to get the boys out in the snow!! As I knew it would, it took about 20 minutes to get both of them ready to go out, plus get me and my camera ready. The boys did ok waiting, but didn't like that they couldn't walk or move very freely. It was pretty funny, they looked like puffs. Henry just laid on the floor since I don't think he could figure out all the "stuff", snow pants, coat and heavy boots! The worst part was the gloves/mittens. I couldn't get them to stay on the boys' hands. Any tips for getting them to stay on? Because that's the one thing they really need to keep on if they want to play in the snow.

So we finally got out in the yard, and they just sat for a few minutes, watching Lanore and figuring out if they could move or not. :) They did eventually crawl around a little and enjoyed watching Lanore the snow dog run around and grab sticks. Evan had Henry make a snow angel, but Lanore ran through it before I could take a picture. :) We didn't stay out too long, because it was really cold. Someone's mitten fell off and I couldn't get it back on, and one of Henry's boots fell off, so we headed back inside. Now that we have more snow, I'm thinking about taking them back out, but I have to have someone here to help. It's quite a process to get them out there!! I think once we do it again, they'll be more adventurous. 
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  1. Look at them! They seemed to love the snow! Cam was indifferent, but when the cold hit his hands (his gloves usually don't stay on either), then he's a party pooper. ;) I usually try to put the gloves on first, then the jacket. It's hard to get the jacket on, but his gloves usually stay on better than way. I wish we lived closer and could do a snow day together!