Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree!

I love to have a real Christmas tree. We used our fake one last year, just to make things easier on ourselves with the boys only 3 months old. But this year, we headed out to Lowe's to pick out a real tree! (Yes, I know, not the most exciting locations. Maybe in a few years we'll brave a real tree farm and cut our own! For now, Lowe's is fine. :) 
The boys were fascinated with Lowe's. They were jabbering constantly and looking around in wonder! They are their father's sons. :) Alex could spend hours there, and we have done so in the past. The boys love riding in a cart, too. Holden is standing in the back, which is not so safe, but we weren't racing around or anything. We got the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and it was still so warm we didn't even need coats for the boys. Crazy weather. 

I let Alex pick the tree since I couldn't really get the cart up and down the isles. (Note: I think he picked the first one he saw.) I usually like to get as tall of a tree as I can, so this one was a little shorter than usual. But it looks nice and has lasted well. 

I will update and post a picture of the decorated tree! The boys were a little shy with it at first, then when they figured out how to pull stuff off of it, we had to keep moving ornaments higher and higher. Sigh. They also like to unplug the lights, but we eventually got them to stop doing that for the most part. They love to look at all the "balls" on it and point to the pretty stuff. The tree skirt was kind of a problem, since they liked to pull on it, but my mom helped me safety pin it closed! So overall it wasn't too bad, just had the bottom third to half of the tree with nothing on it. ;) 

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