Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

We had a great Memorial Day weekend, I just didn't get many pictures to show it! :) We had a cookout at my parent's house on Saturday, and then went to my Aunt's house Sunday for our traditional family cookout. Race Day is the only time of year that I see a lot of that side of the family, so I always look forward to it. Last year, we got some cute pictures with the cousins, and the boys were still just sitting on a blanket. This year we didn't get hardly any pictures, since we were chasing them around! My aunt has a big tree in her front yard and the kids all love to sit in it. So I did at least get a few pictures in the tree. :) The boys had a fun time, and got their first taste of dirt of mommy's favorites!!

Monday we had our friends over for a cookout at our house, which we haven't done in a while. It was great to get our deck all cleaned off and have the cushions out. We love to have people over, but it's just a little harder to do now. But we had great weather the whole weekend! I remembered last year we had the babies in just a onesie because it was so hot, this year we had them in jeans and it was comfortable! I wish we had gotten a few more pictures, since Claire and Charlotte were over and they were all playing in the yard. But we will just have to try again next year. Next year, another friend will have her baby there as well! 
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