Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zoo Trip with Ashlyn

My mom got me a zoo membership for Mother's Day (yay! thanks, mom!) and I intend to make good use of it! We went this time with Ashlyn, and it ended up being a crazy day to go. My friend had warned me that end of May was CROWDED with school field trips, and she was right! But I was so excited to have my own pass that we went anyway. :) I let them run around in the garden first, which was probably a good idea. I wanted to try for some more pictures, and I was trying to play with my camera settings. So between them being wiggly toddlers and my settings being different, I didn't get many that were any good or in focus...oh well.

When we got in the zoo, it was a little scary to be in the buildings. The kids and chaperones were all really nice, but there were just so many people sometimes I'd lose sight of one of the boys while they went up to the glass to look. It was a nice day to go, though, since it was overcast and not too hot. We got to feed the giraffes!! (That was my dream come true, not sure how much the twins cared about that part. I think Holden wanted to eat the sweet potato himself instead of feeding it to the giraffe! It looked like a sweet potato fry, which they love!) A lot of the animals were really active, including the elephants. The baby was getting in and out of the water, running over to her mom, and playing in the mud, so that was super adorable. We finished the day with their first ride on the zoo train. It's a pretty boring ride, and it was starting to rain, but they had a fun time, as you can see from Holden's smile in the last picture! Can't wait to go again soon. :)

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