Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

For Mother's Day, I just wanted what all moms want...a good picture with their kids! :) Not sure we exactly got one, but you can't force toddlers to stay still very long. Alex made me breakfast in bed and had the boys carry in a card from them and my coffee. Great way to start the day! We had lunch at my mom's house and the boys got to play outside. So picking up rocks and pointing at the neighbor's dog were MUCH more important than being in a picture with mommy or grandma! :)

I included a few other random shots. Grandpa pulled/pushed both boys in the yard and they loved that! Alex took a few pictures of my garden one night. (I always forget.) The pinks are my favorite when they're in bloom! And one more shot I made Alex take of us rocking in our chair. :)

"Mom, check out this rock, it's as big as my head!"
Love my crazy boys! :)

Good shot with the grandparents
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