Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Grandpa's Birthday Dinner

*Note: Sorry for the lack of posts! We switched internet around here and my computer doesn't want to hook up to what we have right now. I have so many posts to catch up on and hopefully will get to them soon! :) *
For my dad's birthday dinner, we went to the restaurant Hollyhock Hill, which serves great fried chicken. The boys did pretty well (considering it's a nice place, not exactly like our favorite loud Mexican restaurant that we take them to!) The food is served in courses, so it took a while to eat. Aunt Lauren and Grandma did a good job distracting them with books, trucks and bites of food. We did take them outside for a bit while waiting for the dessert! But it was a fun evening for sure. The boys entertained themselves by playing with glasses of ice that they would transfer to another glass or bowl and back again. Not very clean, but at least the mess is all water at the end!
I wanted to take a few pictures outside after dinner since they had a pretty area with fountains and little courtyards. As we were taking pictures, a branch fell out of one of the tallest trees and scared us all to death! Alex saw it falling but we didn't know where it would land, and I was too dumb to react that quick! Luckily it wasn't close to us, but it definitely was scary. We moved to another area and took pictures there instead!! It was a nice family evening for sure and we got a few cute pictures with Papa, so it was a success and a nice ending to our long, birthday-filled weekend.
This bench would have made a super cute place for a picture...if they had held still longer than 3 seconds...sigh.
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