Monday, August 5, 2013

Quadruple Birthday Weekend

We have a LOT of birthdays to celebrate in August! I already posted about Grandma Amerman's party, which was Friday of this weekend. (Sadly, we didn't do much for Daddy's birthday. :( We were all sick on his birthday so we didn't even really get a picture with him. Poor Daddy, but he doesn't like too much attention for his birthday anyway. :) On Saturday, we had our friend Findley's party, and he had a pirate theme party. Didn't get any pictures, but the boys had fun playing with friends!

Sunday we were really busy! We decided to go have breakfast and play at Holiday Park. Alex hadn't been with us before, so it was fun to have him there (and for me not to have to be quite so watchful! Twins in the park can be stressful!) I got a few pictures on the playground, and we decided to walk around a bit. We did part of a trail, but the stroller isn't really made for off-roading. Hopefully we can go again when they would be able to walk by themselves the whole time. Not sure when that will be, but guess we'll start small. 

After their nap, we headed over to Charlotte's Dumbo-themed party. Everything was so cute! The kids loved playing with the balloons. The boys were OBSESSED with the circus tent cookies Christie made and Holden got really grumpy when I told him one was enough! I didn't bring my camera since I knew Christie would take some good ones, so all the party pics are courtesy of her. 

After that, we headed home for just a few minutes before leaving again for Grandpa Suttner's birthday dinner. I will put pictures from that up in a separate post, but believe me when I say it was a busy weekend! I think the boys did really well overall, but they were definitely tired after all of that fun. And we have another round of parties coming up! :) 
First family trail/hike
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