Friday, August 2, 2013

Grandma Gina's Birthday Bonfire

Alex's sisters planned a birthday bonfire for his mom's birthday and it ended up being a perfect night for it! It was cloudy but didn't really rain, and wasn't scorching hot like it usually is at the beginning of August. We went down to her house on Friday evening and made hot dogs over the fire pit. I tried to get some pictures while chasing after the boys as they explored the yard. Apparently Alex's family plays croquet (I have never played) and the boys were fascinated by the mallets and balls. They looked like little GQ models or something! So cute. 

After dinner, a group of people played croquet and the boys took a walk around the block with their Aunt Liz. (Where was I? Oh, I was much more interested in the marshmallows and s'mores part of the evening! Strangely the boys don't like s'mores, but they had some M&Ms and were happy with that.) Aunt Lesley won the game, but Daddy hung in there. We made sure to give Grandma her present and tried to get a few pictures together before it got too late. We framed a cousin picture from the beach and got her a beachy-smelling candle. The boys stayed up way past their bedtime and did really well! No meltdowns or anything...they didn't even fall asleep in the car on the way home, which I thought was amazing! We didn't get them home and in bed until 10 pm. It was a really fun evening and I hope we can do something like this as a family at least once a summer or so.   
"Have you seen this trailer thing? This is amazing! Get over here!"
Too cute...can't handle it...


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