Saturday, August 10, 2013

State Fair 2013 (AKA Pictures of the Boys on Tractors)

I was SO excited about the State Fair this year, as the boys were a little older and I knew they'd like the animals, food and sights. We had several friends go and have a great time, so I maybe had too high of expectations! We were able to go on a Wednesday when Alex is off so it was fun to go as a family. Henry just seemed to be having a rough day, so we didn't have quite as much fun as I'd hoped!
We got there right at 10, so it was pretty quiet as we started walking. I almost wanted to try a midway ride, something small like a train ride or something, but it didn't open until noon. We skipped the indoor arts and crafts type buildings and went straight for the animal barns. We enjoyed the cows, and saw lots of sheep and goats (including a sheep that had had twin lambs!) We saw the pig litters and the biggest hogs and a few normal pigs. Most of the horses seemed to be not there yet; several of the barns were still pretty empty. After the animals, we went for our first snack of an elephant ear and some free chocolate milk at the dairy barn. That was when Henry started getting upset. For some reason he started crying and wouldn't even try the elephant ear or drink his milk. Unfortunately it was one of those ugly cries where he was practically writhing out of his stroller and we had to strap him in. I felt like people were staring at me and wondering what I did to my child, even though I was trying to give him delicious sugary food and chocolate milk! (I'm sure no one was really staring because most parents have had this happen! Mine just don't really melt down in public all that often; I've been lucky.) Eventually he calmed down enough to drink his milk and we moved on.
We found the tractor section, and both boys loved sitting on the tractors and driving. Always a cute photo op! However, pulling Henry off the tractor to keep moving caused meltdown number three. (Can't remember the cause of two...) Then we found some of the animals you can feed, and the boys were pretty into that! They were so cute, I can't remember what they were. I think some kind of African deer? I would definitely keep them in my backyard though. After leaving those, and some loud music scaring Henry and causing meltdown #4, we decided to just get some lunch and call it a day. The boys enjoyed roaming around while we ate, and found a tree they enjoyed swinging around. Then we headed back to the car and home for a nap! Maybe next year will be the year we can stay and enjoy the fair for a whole afternoon. No worries, we have plenty more years to go! :)
They loved this tree for some reason.
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