Tuesday, September 17, 2013

First Day of "School" and Almost 2!

Starting the Monday after Labor Day, Henry and Holden started "school", or a Parents' Day Out program at a local church. They go Mondays from 9-1, which is a nice amount of time for me to get a few things done! They play and eat lunch there; I think there are 9 kids in their class...8 are boys! I picked the place that was unstructured; I didn't feel like they needed a preschool type environment yet. I wanted them to just play and socialize and hopefully have fun! They have two teachers and a helper teacher who are all very sweet. (They can't tell the boys apart yet, but that's hard with only seeing them one day a week!) This was the ONLY picture I got of them on their first day. I didn't want to be the crazy mom with the camera, since everyone else just dropped off and left! And it was a little chaotic that first day, since I have to get their stuff put in all the right places, sign them in, etc., while Holden is clinging to me. The first day, Henry went right in, and a teacher coaxed Holden in with some toys. They didn't really cry, because I don't think they knew I was leaving them there for four hours!! The next couple drop offs, one or both of them did cry (mostly Holden.) But now they seem to settle in pretty quickly. They love playing outside in the sandbox! Every time I take their shoes off in the car afterwards, sand pours out! The teachers tell me they play well and eat their lunches. They even did a leaf painting craft, which I would never attempt at home! Last week the teachers told me they were both the best at clean-up time, and that Henry was very empathetic and patted a little boy on the shoulder when he was crying, and that they were very good playing outside. I have a conference next week, so it'll be fun to see what else they say about the boys!
We went to the Children's Museum the day before their birthday with our friend Ashlyn to go check out the new Playscape. I wanted to do something fun and get a few pictures of them before they were officially two years old! Crazy... We had a good time checking out the sand, water, music room, and blocks. They have a climbing area that the boys are still too small to do, and another station with balls and pipes that you can build. Henry also checked out the art area and did a little coloring! It is a pretty awesome space for sure, and I know we'll go back many times. The music room was definitely a favorite for me, since I know how expensive those nice instruments can be, and that is a space the kids can go and just beat up on them! They did have fun trying all the instruments and I love that they have access to all of that at such a young age. (No violins in there, but they have access to that at home! :)
I made Alex take a picture with them too, reading one of their favorite pumpkin books. I'm sure he thinks I'm nuts, but it's hard not to be a little sentimental the day before your babies turn into official toddlers! Love watching these crazy boys grow up. :)
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