Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Boys' Farm Party

The boys' farm party was SO much fun! Click here for the post with party details, but here are some pictures and a recap of the day.

The boys wore some plaid shirts and overalls to go with the theme. I thought they looked pretty cute! The weather was perfect for being outside. The boys were so excited when someone ran in and told us, "There's a pony in the yard!" The boys got to go out and watch them bring the animals in. There were ponies, goats, sheep, chicken and a rabbit. They didn't have a saddle for the ponies, but they let the boys sit on their backs for a quick ride! 

We had a TON of delicious food, so people could eat and snack all afternoon! We had tables set up outside. The kids played with all of our ride on toys, especially the tractors my cousin brought for them. Everyone, including the adults, enjoyed the animals! The rabbit was a big hit, and of course the ponies. The goats wandered around on their own eating grass.

We tried to get some photos in our photo area at the back. Some of my favorites are the one of Holden with the rabbit and the chicken, and one of three of the kids and the goat climbing on the hay bales! We tried for a group picture of the kids, as well, but not everyone was happy about that. :) 

The cake part was fun this year, too!! The boys were totally ready to dig in to their piggy cakes, with their forks or their hands! Such a change from last year when Holden would barely touch it. This year they were into everything, including the marshmallows for the ears and the icing, of course. The animal cupcakes were a huge hit with all the other kids and so much fun to make!

The boys were spoiled with lots of amazing presents, from Legos and blocks to cars and tractors. They got several books, art supplies and some cute outfits. We are so lucky to have so many special friends and family that come to celebrate these amazing boys with us! 

Enjoy a few more photos from the day! (Photo credit is not mine! I did hire a photographer so I would have time to enjoy the day and talk with our friends and guests. It's a worthwhile expense for me for that reason! I do wish I had taken some, but I know I would have missed some cute moments if I was behind the lens.)



So serious! It must be hard work to hold a chicken and a bunny?

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