Thursday, September 19, 2013

H&H Are Two! Presents and Cake!

After the boys' nap, my mom and dad came over to celebrate the rest of the evening with us. We had pizza for dinner and then got right to opening presents! They got some new coloring books and crayons from Grandma that they had to try out. They also got a lego/duplo set of cars, some new books, and a starter train set and some extra trains. I was pretty excited when they wanted to set up the train tracks right away and play with them. (I made sure to buy two extra trains for a total of four, one for each of their hands for less fighting!)
After presents, we sang to each of them before blowing out candles. They were pretty excited about this part this year, but I think Holden probably blew them both out! They were both ready for the cake part...funny to think last year they would barely touch it! But with so many friends' parties under their belts, they knew they had cake coming to them! I had made a "2" out of M&Ms on the top of the cake, so they were also pretty obsessed with getting the candy. Henry ate all of his candy, and Holden picked up the whole piece of cake on his fork and proceeded to cram as much as he could in his mouth. It was funny and horrifying at the same time. ;) I think Holden actually stole some of Henry's cake off of his plate once he'd finished his own! But when he was done and a huge mess, he did ask for a wipe and said it was a mess. So all in all, the boys had a great day!


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