Thursday, November 14, 2013

First (little) Snow

We had a random, small snowfall in early November and I decided to deal with the work of getting the boys ready to go out! Luckily I had just bought some bigger boots (and borrowed some from a friend, thanks, Ian!) and all the rest of their stuff still fit from last year. After 15 to 20 minutes of getting snow pants, hats, coats, boots and even mittens on, we were ready to head out! I even decided to be brave and bring out my camera. :)
I'm so glad I did, too! I ended up using some of these on our Christmas card this year, so that was great luck for me. We had just been out raking leaves a few days ago, so it was funny to see the leaf piles under the dusting of snow. And Henry and Holden thought the grass still needed to be mowed, so they were both pushing their lawn mowers! Even Lanore had some fun with her tennis ball. The snow was gone by the afternoon, so I'm glad we made the effort to get out and glad I tried to play with my camera a little. I'm pretty happy with some of these shots!

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