Sunday, November 10, 2013

Henry and Holden At Two

I should do this type of post more often, and I always say that! They change so quickly, I know I'm going to forget a lot of the cute things they do that we love. So here are some things to remember right now.

Henry is the repeater. He repeats everything you say, and it's so cute. His school teacher has mentioned it, too! He likes to point out everything, including eyes, nose, eyebrows, glasses, if my hair is wet, buttons on anyone's shirt, letters on anyone's shirt, etc. He LOVES to run and loves to be chased. He and Holden both say "Mommy get you" to get me to chase them around the table. They also both say "Mommy up" or "Mommy hold you" to get me to hold them. Both boys like to help put the sound machine away, make and stir my coffee, and throw things away for us. He calls bananas "me-ahs" which I don't think is very close but Alex says it is. They both call clocks "tick tocks" which is super cute.

Holden is probably talking a little less than Henry, but conversing more. Alex thinks he wants to communicate with us, so sometimes his "conversations" include more babble that is harder to understand. He does speak in more sentences I think. He counts "1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10" and I have no clue where that came from! He wants to do things on his own. More and more he says, "I do it, Mommy." This can be good and bad! The other day he cried the whole way home from school because I didn't let him push the handicapped button on the door (because another little kid had just pushed it.) He was so upset because he wanted to do it himself!

They can be great helpers or completely stubborn. Their school teachers have said they're the best at helping to clean up after activities, and sometimes they are great like this at home too. But if they don't feel like doing it, forget it!

They both sing more songs now, Twinkle is their favorite, but they also like to do the motions for wheels on the bus or itsy bitsy spider. Holden can sing Baa Baa Black Sheep really well and I have no idea where he learned it! They like their music class but don't ever sing in class. They do like using all the instruments and playing ring around the rosie!

They are watching more videos now and love to push the power button on the TV and DVD player. Their favorite is a Gymboree video with songs about transportation and the DVD that goes along with the book Room on the Broom. They still love books, including all the dinosaur and construction ones, and still the little blue truck books.

They like to play with their Lego Duplo sets and build towers or cars. I'm excited for them to have these and be creative. They are doing more creative play, where they will go shopping with the cart or cook dinner for us in their kitchen.

Eating is still hit or miss. They still like a lot of "kid" foods like nuggets, pb&j, macaroni and cheese, fruit, etc. Sometimes they'll eat a lot and sometimes they won't touch anything. I think that's pretty normal for this age so I don't worry about it much. They definitely have a sweet tooth now that they know what candy, cake and cookies are and Alex thinks they are holding out for dessert (which they probably are.)

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