Sunday, January 12, 2014

Little Colts Fans

We have some cute Luck jerseys that we should have worn more this season! So I was determined to get some pictures of the boys in them before the season was over (which I think this game ended up being the last one...) The boys were being so cute, but I was not great with my camera! I had problems with the light and they all turned out a little fuzzy. But still too cute not to share. I realize now that I should have picked up some toys and closed the drapes, etc, but planning ahead for pictures is not my strong suit. Getting them in the jerseys was the main plan! Henry was showing me his "pout face" and trying not to laugh! The last two are the same but I was playing around with the text on the pictures (wanted to upload to Facebook during the game and could never get it to work!)  The season's over, but hope the jerseys still fit in the fall! :) Go, Colts!

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