Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014

We had a huge snowstorm in early January. It snowed a ton on the 5th, and then was super cold the day after. On Sunday the 5th, it wasn't so cold, so we were able to go outside and play/shovel a little. The boys got snow shovels for Christmas, and they've gotten a lot of use! Alex does an amazing job keeping our driveway clear all the time, so it was pretty cute to see the boys out there with him (and I think they actually did move a little snow around). 
A lot of people lost power that day as well, and the temperatures were dropping fast. Our friends Laura and Jacob lost power, and didn't want to stay at their house with their baby, Cecelia, in the cold and dark. So the boys and Cece had their first sleepover! It was kind of fun having them there, even though it was a bad situation! We have a futon and they had a pack 'n play for Cece, so it worked out fine. They came over in the evening, so the kids all went to bed pretty soon, then we just got to hang out and play Wii. Alex made muffins in the morning, and we watched some kids TV. The power had come back on, so they were anxious to get back home, but I got a few cute pictures of the kids playing together in the morning and of Cece hanging out!

We didn't leave the house the rest of the day! Alex had the day off of work, and our neighbors Ashley and Brad were home as well, so they came over during the boys' nap and we played cards. It felt very much like a holiday! Too cold to go out so we just hung out in our house. I'm glad we got to see so many friends, though, otherwise I think we would have gone a little crazy. :) I didn't go to work on Tuesday, either, but Alex did go in that day. With the freezing cold (below zero) temps and the non-melting snow, most of my teacher friends didn't work all week! It was crazy to think schoolkids got an extra WEEK of winter break. Ashley and I made a trip out to Target later in the week, and the roads were still icy and pretty bad. 

So that was our "Snowpocalypse" as they called it! I tried to take some pictures of all the crazy snow in our yard. (That is our Christmas tree on our deck, Alex just moved it outside when we took the ornaments off.) Last winter was so mild, and this one is shaping up to be massive amounts of snow! 

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