Saturday, February 8, 2014

365 Project Week 6

Cutting myself a break this week! Definitely running a little late, but I have been taking one every day. My birthday was Monday, so I did my first "selfie" (I'm embarrassed to post it, but hey, maybe in another 10 years I'll look back and love it!) And technically Saturday at my birthday party was a cheat, since I'm in the picture and my hubby took it. But like I said, cutting myself some slack this
week! :)
It was another week where I didn't feel like I'd have any good ones, then was pleasantly surprised when I liked some! The first one is Super Bowl Sunday, Alex watching the game and Henry trying ribs! What a little man. :) We also went to the Children's Museum this week; I tried to get a little creative with the rear-view mirror shot! We had another snow storm, so the boys got to try their sled for the first time and loved it. Friday is a play date snapshot of  my friend and her two cuties! For my party, I had to put the camera back on auto since it was so dark and I'm not good in low light situations (plus other people were using the camera.) So I decided we looked better in black and white for the last one! :)


  1. I am sooo happy you posted I was getting worried jk.. But really I missed my Sunday night read :) I really love all the stuff again this week especially your self portrait which is too cute, the rear view mirror is super creative, & the last of you with your friends that's a true moment to be treasured.. I see so much growth in your photos every week!! Nice captures :)

    1. Thanks, friend. :) You are awesome and I appreciate all your sweet comments!

  2. Love your outfit shot, so adorable! Those boots are awesome! Love his happy expression you captured while sledding, shows how much fun he was having! Great shot of friends, its important to capture those details, and we all need a night away!