Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Leah's 30th Birthday

So I turned 30 this year! Felt kinda crazy, end of my 20s and of a decade, but it helps that most of my friends turn 30 this year too. :) The weekend before my birthday, my mom made dinner for all of us, and a cake. I was so happy Alex got these shots of us blowing out the candles together. The boys really understand "cake" and "blowing candles" since they still talk about their birthday cake sometimes (I put candy on the top....they will never forget!) I was hoping they'd sing to me but they were too amazed with the fire... ;)
My birthday is always right around the Super Bowl, so we didn't do much that weekend. Alex tried to get a few more shots of me reading with the boys, since I always like having some new pictures of me actually with them! (I had my camera on manual and he didn't change it back so the lighting is a little off!) Wish we had gotten a family shot, but didn't think of it; I really need to get my tripod out more! My actual birthday was a Monday this year, which was weird since that's the day the boys go to Mom's Day Out in the morning. So I dropped them off, worked out, got Starbucks for breakfast and had a little time to myself. Then I did have to teach all evening, so it was a little sad to not see Alex or the boys much that day at all.
Saturday was my actual party with friends. I wanted to try someplace "fancier" than my usual fave, La Hacienda, so we did a Mexican place downtown called Bakersfield. It was a lot of fun! I thought the food and margaritas were good, and it was cool to try someplace different. The service was a little slow, but it was packed! And I must be getting old, since I felt like it was too loud and too hard to have a conversation with friends. Overall though it was great to get out with my friends and without the boys. (They stayed overnight at my parents', which is a treat in itself!) All of my favorite people were willing to get a sitter and come out to dinner, so I felt very special! My friend Emily even traveled from Boston to be there! (Ok, she came for some other things too, but it was awesome to have her at the party!) I didn't get a group shot, or as many pictures as I wanted, since it was super dark. But I got a few shots of me with my friends, so that's good enough to remember the day! Emily and Ashlyn came back to our house after the party and it was fun to catch up and talk.
Emily and Ashlyn came over again the next morning before her flight left, since she wanted to see the boys and how they'd grown. I snapped a quick picture of Emily and Ashlyn reading with the boys! Too cute! :) So all in all, it was a great birthday week! 



  1. Happy birthday!!! What a great way to share your day with your cuties and a book!!

    1. Ha, thanks! I totally didn't realized I had clicked publish, since I just put up the pictures and meant to hit save. Oops! But now I actually wrote about it so the pictures make more sense! :)