Thursday, February 6, 2014

Museum Fun

We hadn't been to the museum in a while, so it was time for another visit! This snowy winter made it hard to get out even to go to the museum! We started downstairs at the train table, and yes, I know, they look like creepy mirror twins in these pictures. It's in a really dark room with a spotlight right over the table, so they were right in the light and both wearing orange. :) Oh well.

We spent some time in the playscape, and even though I brought my camera, it's SO hard to take pictures! It's such a big, open space that I can and do lose one of the boys easily. (Still don't understand why there isn't at least a half wall, or doors at the's a whole exhibit for young kids, and lots of moms have several under 4 or 5!) So if you're running around trying to find your kid, you're not taking as many pictures as you want. But I felt like I got a few good ones, especially of our friend Hazel. (And Holden peeking out of the log was cute!) We need to go back again soon. It's always interesting to see what they like to play with. There's a whole climbing area that the boys have really not been able to or interested in doing, which always surprises me. I think when they get a little bigger, we won't be able to get them OUT of the climbing structure! Anyway, it was a fun day and hopefully we'll get back there soon (or maybe to the zoo again now that it's warming up.)

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