Monday, February 10, 2014

More Snow (Yaaaay.....)

That "yay" was said with sarcasm by the way. We had ANOTHER round of snow (to the point where I was almost not interested in bringing my camera out again.) But I'm glad I did! This was their first time in the sled together and it was cute to get a few good ones from that! They still like their shovels and helped Daddy shovel off the deck a little. It was a little tough to take pictures while they were moving, since Alex was pulling them, but they weren't going super fast. I took some videos, too, since it was so cute to hear them laugh! (Also I think this winter has officially become the snowiest on record...just want to have that little piece of history marked down here...sigh.)

The last one is a random. Tried to get some pictures of them reading books together, but this one was the only one that turned out. Still having trouble with lighting in my house in the evenings. But I'm sure I'll have more chances to get pictures of reading books! :)


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