Saturday, May 24, 2014

365 Project Week 21

Well, we're approaching the half-way point of the year, so that's good news! This project has been tougher than I thought in different ways. It's not that hard to pick up the camera every day, but it is hard to think of something worth taking a picture of each day. I'm not sure I'm learning as much new stuff, which is ok, but I want to keep being creative and challenging myself. I don't expect every day to be great, but I think I am being pretty lazy some days. I thought the summer would help me get creative again, so we'll see! I definitely enjoy that I can take pictures in the yard of my flowers blooming, at least that's something a little different right now! I have a lot of fun doing real "shoots" with families and babies, so I may just need to recruit more of my friends to do that this summer. :)

Recital day again! I'm a pretty lucky teacher to have some really amazing kids! They put in a lot of hard work for recital days. :)

Last day of PDO for the year! I will have to do a separate post on this topic, but they've definitely grown up this year!

Day at the park! Thought it would be fun to try for a group shot, and got some cute ones!

My favorite tree in this park!! Definitely need to get both boys looking and smiling. That's the dream!

My fave flowers in the front of our house. They really don't photograph well for some reason...I've tried on several days and can't seem to get them to look how I want. Guess I need to keep playing around.

Playing his "violin"! SO CUTE. Henry actually started this, I think, but now both of them will do it, hold one under their chin and "bow" with the other piece of track, while humming a song like Twinkle. Love it!
Quest for the perfect bubble photo! I liked both of these pretty well.

Another flower shot. Liked how it turned out, and how Lanore was watching me through the fence!

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  1. Nice shots this week! I just love that tree, and that shot of your son, those catchlights. So pretty! The boys playing the violin that way is too adorable! The flower and dog shots are def my favorite!!!