Saturday, May 3, 2014

365 Project Week 18

Oops, way behind again. Will be quick since I'm off to work in a second!

N is for New Projects as I tried my first family photo shoot! Was really happy with a lot of them (I mean how cute is this family anyway) but I'm sure I have a lot left to learn! Had to include a violin shot since that's how I met them, she's one of my violin students! :)

O is for Oregano...I said I needed something that started with O and my husband grabbed it off the spice rack. Not that exciting but still! :)

P is for Puddles! I had been wanting a reflection shot so badly, so I love how these turned out!!

Q is for Quest. My haul from the presale at a kids' consignment sale that I volunteer/consign in. I kinda wanted to get a picture of all the moms on their "quest" waiting in line outside the building but I didn't bring my big camera. :)
R is for Rhythm...Fun time in music class. Holden wanted so badly to dance with Hazel, he cried when she was dancing with someone else for a second. SO CUTE.
S is for selfie! This one is so terrible I don't even want to include it. We went on a date Friday night and I should have taken a million other pictures, but by the time we got home and were ready for bed I remembered I hadn't taken anything yet! Oh, well.
 T is for Teddy Grams. Again a quick shot but following through at least! :)


  1. Leah, great job on your first family session! I think you did a great job with posing and the light where you had them! I especially like the last family group shot...very nicely posed. Those reflection pictures are really cool, too. Also, I think the last photo of the Teddy Grahams has really nice light.

  2. {SORRY for not visiting in forever} Great job on the family shoots, I'm positive they will love them! I too love the last pose, you put that together really well!
    Way awesome reflection shots, I'm so glad you were finally able to do nailed it! So fun! Nice scores at the store, too!