Saturday, May 17, 2014

365 Project Week 20

 Another fun week. I took pictures for another one of my student's families...I really have the cutest kids and families in my string studio! :) I love the mom's tradition of giving them a big lollipop at the end of the shoot. Gives the kids something to look forward to and makes for some fun and colorful pictures! An idea I will be stealing... :)

And you can tell it's another recital week...Lots of pictures of my students. Need to figure out some more creative shots/angles for people while playing. 

Tuesday was a Children's Museum trip and a collage art project with a glue stick (how much fun is that) in the Playscape area.

Another night of recital prep!
And this is the boys' first music teacher. We've had such a fun year in our Toddler Tunes class and I can't believe it's almost over! 

 Cards night with the neighbors and their cute baby. Can't wait to do his 3 month pictures soon!

Playing in the kitchen with our friend Cece. Not a great shot, but it's hard to get anything good with three moving kids playing. :)


  1. Wow, Leah! Your family shots are great, you should be so PROUD! I love them! I love the lollipop idea, I did it with Cyrus just before two, then my hardrive crashed and I lost them all..:(

    Can't wait to see next week!

  2. These are SO good. The family shots have great color and are too fun!! Great work, chica!