Friday, July 5, 2013

More Beach Fun

And, sadly, the week had to draw to a close. We had a great time, though! I should have more pictures to post when I get the family photo shoot pictures from Alex's sister. But here are a few more shots from the week!

We got a few cute shots of the twins with Josh. Stephanie was feeding them a snack, which they enjoyed. We were under the umbrella, so not sure they came out great, but it was a cute moment! Alex also made sure to take a few shots of the house/view. It was pretty crazy how isolated our beach really was. Since we were part of a housing edition, our stretch of beach was just for people in those houses and it really seemed pretty empty most of the week. The condo area next to us was always so full, with two to three rows of people. Then there was a big stretch of nothing, and then the area in front of us. Definitely not complaining, but it was funny to look down the beach and see how crowded it could have been! 

We were determined to make the most of our last morning and got down to the beach earlier than we had been. Which was a good thing, since it got all cloudy and windy. I figured that would make for great pictures, but instead it just fogged up my camera lens...sigh. But the boys were having a great time and running up and down the beach, and the older cousins were catching some good waves on their wave boards. It was a nice last hurrah before we had to head back in and clean and pack! 

The drive home was rough for sure, since we did it in one day. I was really hoping the boys would sleep more, but Holden really didn't nap much at all. He kept saying "Out, out," in his sweet little voice. We did stop several times and let them run around at rest stops, and we were lucky we didn't really have any traffic problems. But it was a LONG day for sure, and we were all glad to be home that night! 

Snacks! Where are the snacks?!
Feed me!
View from our kitchen/dining area
View of our beach, straight out from the house. The three umbrellas were our "spot".
Down the beach from us...the crowds!
Love this one. :)
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