Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Museum Trip with Grandma

They love the Rube Goldberg ball machine thing....
future science geeks!
My mom always says she never gets to be on the blog...but it's because she watches them while I'm a work. And since I take the pictures for the blog, it's hard to get ones with her in it! :) But we had a chance to go to the Children's Museum together so I tried to snap a few. See, proof that she is with the boys all the time! Thanks, mom! We checked out all of our favorite sections, and least favorite if you include the carousel ride. They are still terrified of that thing! They did discover the little ice cream parlor and enjoyed scooping some for Grandma. We are so excited the new Playscape area opens at the end of the month...hopefully we'll get to check that out soon!

"There are fish in here? Where?"
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