Friday, March 28, 2014

Grandma's Birthday

For Grandma's birthday this year, I made some yummy lemon cupcakes and did my best at decorating! We went to lunch at a nice brunch place with her and Uncle Evan. I was a little nervous about how the boys would do, but they did fine with some coloring and talking to us. They got a gourmet pb&j sandwich (it certainly cost enough!) with chips that they enjoyed, and then shared our fruit salad. The restaurant wouldn't let us eat the cupcakes there, so we had to go back to Grandma's for that part. They enjoyed singing to her and blowing out the candle together. They definitely know what's up with birthdays now and were pretty excited about the cupcakes/cake part of it! We tried for a picture of the boys with her, but it's always tough to get a good one.
We are so lucky to have my mom in our lives! I don't know what we'd do without her to watch the boys while I'm at work, and they are lucky to get to spend their time with someone who loves them as much as she does! Thanks, Mom, and happy birthday! Love you!

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