Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Park Fun and Boys are 2 1/2!

I brought my camera on one of our first Holliday Park trips this year. It's crazy to see how much they've matured over the winter. They are much more daring on the playground now. They're both still hesitant on the slides, but they were running through the levels of the playgrounds and trying out lots of new skills. I still worry a little about them falling, but they seem to be pretty aware of what they can do and what's still out of reach. This should be a fun summer of trying new parks and equipment!
I also snapped a picture on the boys' half birthday, with their friend Hazel, born the same day as them! I will try to do a post more about them at 2 1/2 when I can find the time to type. (But let's just say you can really tell they are TWO and a HALF! Let's hope three will be easy...) For now, enjoy the pictures. :) 

We're 2 and a half today!

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