Saturday, April 26, 2014

365 Project Week 17

Running late again this week! Ah! It's been busy around here, but mostly in a good way! Hopefully I will catch up more soon...maybe when we get done with some house/yard work! (Or, never.) Here are this week's shots.
G is for Grabbing eggs from Grandma's Garden. The boys' cousins hid eggs for them and then they got to hunt and fill their baskets! Easter was a beautiful day this year!

H is for Hat. Crazy shot, but that was all I could grab! Henry had put daddy's hat on and I thought that would be perfect, but didn't quite get a good one. :)

I is for... Intense lighting? I am happy I got this one? This is a stretch...we went to the zoo that day and I didn't see any animals that started with I. I tried to take some of the boys in the gardens with the tulips blooming, but got my focus wrong. Dang it!

J is for Japanese pear tree (not sure if that's its real name but that's what I'm going with.) Always love when this tree is blooming in our front yard, and this project helped me get some shots this year! Yay for that.

K is for Krispie treats and a euchre game with friends! Again, a stretch, but when my neighbor brought the Rice Krispie treats, I went with it! :)

L is for Lanore! This was an easy one, since she is a good model if liver treats are involved. I thought about doing "Leah" but didn't feel like a selfie that day.

But I did pick...M is for Mommy! These are both phone pictures but I'll take what I can get with these cuties.


  1. My favorite is def the pear tree... Fabulous shot! Good for you getting in some pictures, even if its with a cell phone! Pictures of Mom are all that matters!! :o) Your dog shots are fantastic, the bed spread lines lead right to her. Butterfly shot it lovely as well! Great week!

  2. Beautiful pictures!!! Your dog is so photogenic...those pictures are fantastic!!! My favorite:)

  3. I LOVE the puddle pictures with your twin's reflection. Great job!