Friday, March 9, 2012

Another week gone by!

Man, it's harder to keep up on this blog than I thought. (Wonder why...) Maybe as the boys get a little older it'll be easier to find time to write. I feel like I've got lots of things I'd like to sit down and write, but then I'd rather crash on the couch with Alex at night, or maybe even go to bed! :)

We've kept up with the rice cereal once a day, and it's going ok. Henry does consistently pretty well, even though he makes a huge mess. He actually LUNGES for the spoon coming towards his mouth, so that's pretty cute! Holden did great for a few days, then cried and screamed hysterically when we put him in the high chair for a few days. So that was puzzling, but we just got him back out of the chair and gave up for those days. Now he'd doing a little better again, you just kinda have to sit with him for a while and convince him he knows what he's doing. Not sure the cereal is making any kind of difference in sleep at night.

Sleep has been a struggle lately. Holden was waking more often, Henry woke screaming a few times, and I wasn't getting any long stretches of sleep. I think this means that it's time to really let them cry it out and be consistent about how we respond. I know it'll be really hard not to pick them up, but considering they're 6 months old (how did that happen?!?) and have slept through the night plenty of times before, I know they're more than capable. And honestly we're much happier parents if we can get some good sleep at night. It's just hard, since sometimes we pick them up, sometimes we go in just to turn on the mobile or pat them, and sometimes if they're just fussing, we don't go in at all. So we need to be consistent for them to really learn. I wish I could take naps during the day, but it's way too hard. They don't always sleep at the same time, and they don't tend to sleep long stretches for naps. I was talking to my mommy friends about nap stuff, and I think I might have to let them cry it out for naps, too. As in, this is the hour we spend in the crib, and mommy decides when naps are over, not baby! It'll be hard for a while, but if we can get on a consistent schedule and get some good sleep, we'll all be happier for it. As my friend who's a fellow teacher said, "We need to call it sleep learning, not sleep training. They need to learn how to put themselves to sleep!"

Nothing too exciting happened this week...let me think back. I went to a kid's consignment sale to see if I could get any good bargains, but I think a lot of stuff was gone by the time I got there. I'm checking out another one next week. I bought Henry and Holden some bathing suits, and I'm starting to get really excited thinking about spring and summer. I want to buy a pool and a swing for the backyard, and I can't wait to let the boys explore their yard a little! Today we went to a friend's for another big playdate, which was fun. I was smiling the whole way home! It's so nice to get out of the house, eat and chat with friends going through the same stuff, and see the boys interact (somewhat) with all the other babies! And a major bonus is that we usually get a good nap on the way home. :) They're sleeping now, so I need to enjoy it! I should have plenty to post about next week, since the boys' grandma is turning SIXTY and we're going out to a family dinner to celebrate! So I'll have to get some good pictures. And the boys will be SIX MONTHS in another week, so we'll have pictures and stats from that, too! Can't wait to get their six month pictures taken by our friend Christie, I know they'll look great! Have a good weekend!

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