Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week of firsts

Another week has flown by without much time to write! But I've got to get down all the exciting stuff that happened this week. :)

Monday was a rough day, I don't think anything too exciting happened besides babies crying and me needing a nap. Tuesday we went to our friend Candice's house for a playdate, which was really nice! Visiting made the day go by much faster. It was another pretty day, so it was nice to see some sunshine.

Wednesday, my friend Ashlyn came over, and since it was SO warm (nearly 70 degrees!) we decided to take the boys to lunch instead of her picking up something to eat at my house. So the boys got their first lunch date! We went to McAlister's, our favorite lunch spot. They were both sleeping for the first part of lunch. Henry woke up while we were still eating, but entertained himself by staring at the fans on the ceiling. He spit up on his shirt, so I was going to change his clothes when I noticed his diaper was dirty, too. So we got our first taste of changing a diaper in a restaurant bathroom! It wasn't gross or dirty or anything, it was just tough to maneuver. I was trying to hold the diaper bag, change him and change his clothes without letting him slide off the table and deal with the dirty stuff. I don't know how I'd do it by myself, or if I'd had the stroller in there. (There would NOT have been room for the stroller in that bathroom.) So I took him and the stuff back to Ashlyn at the table, then went back and washed my hands. How the heck can I simplify this process? It doesn't seem easy. We then decided we could brave a trip to Target! The boys FIRST trip to Target! Doesn't seem possible that they're 5 1/2 months old without visiting my favorite store, but I suppose it's a place mommy likes to go by herself when she needs to get away. :) We bought some super cute sandals and dinosaur shoes and a few onesies (that were on clearance!) I can't help it sometimes! We came home and took a walk around the neighborhood, to enjoy the weather and the sun. Awesome day! (No pictures to document, though. Would be kinda weird to take pictures in Target or in McAlister's bathroom...)

Claire, Henry, Charlotte, Holden (love Holden's face in this one.)

Holden has been waking up more often again at night, and Wednesday night was a bad one for me. I woke up at 11, 12, and 1 am to either feed or comfort one of the boys, and then at 4:30 or so to feed both of them. So I was pretty exhausted! I decided we'd go ahead and start some rice cereal to see if that might help them sleep longer. (Henry still sleeps just fine. That's probably why he's smaller, since he misses a whole extra feeding at night!) So Thursday evening, at their second-to-last feeding, we tried some rice cereal after their normal feeding. It was SO CUTE! I will post some pictures and videos. Some of the videos are long-ish, so I need to figure how to edit them down a little. They did great for their first ever feeding. Henry had a little more trouble, but he seemed to like it. Holden was gobbling it up and wiggling with delight! He kept making yummy sounds. :) Alex was joking that we just added another half hour to our routine to feed them just a few ounces, but hey, they've got to learn sometime! It was pretty fun for all of us, I think, and clean up wasn't too bad.

Friday we made it to our play group in the morning, right before the weather got really bad! It kept getting darker and darker, and it hailed while we were there. I weighed them both, and neither boy has gained much in the past two weeks. That's probably normal, but hopefully adding some extra food will help them gain a little before the six month check up. (No pictures from group, either! Kelly was taking video, trying to catch Henry rolling over, but he just burped three times, instead. Boys.) We picked up some Fazoli's and headed to our friend Christie's, to hang with her girls, Claire and Charlotte. The boys were napping when we got there, then we played on the floor a bit and snapped a few pictures with the girls. Then I decided that since we were already out and about, we should go visit grandpa at work! So we headed over to his office, where all the staff oohed and aahed over the boys and said how cute they were. There was another nasty storm, so we waited it out with grandpa before heading home. After grandma and grandpa got off work, they came over to babysit, so Alex and I could go to dinner and be out for a while. They got to see the boys eat their cereal, so we took some more pictures and video. (I mean, seriously, they're adorable!) Holden was funny, he was making faces this time, like he didn't like the taste, but he was still gobbling it up! He'd start fussing if whoever was feeding him didn't get the spoon to his mouth fast enough! So grandma and grandpa put the boys to bed for the first time, which Henry did fine with, and Holden fussed and cried for a while. And Alex and I enjoyed some time out of the house, even though we did stop by Buy Buy Baby to get some new waterproof bibs!

Grandpa and Henry in the office

So that was our eventful week! I need to start posting more often so I don't have so much to remember! I'll post the feeding pictures and videos soon. (I'm sure there will be lots of posts on first foods and experiences in the next few weeks! And I will let you know if Holden starts sleeping far, he hasn't.)

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