Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grandma's 60th Birthday party!

My mom, the boys' grandma, turned 60 on Tuesday! So we went to Maggiano's to celebrate. My dad planned for some of her friends to come and surprise her, and it was a fun night! I was worried about taking the boys, but they did pretty well for the most part. They did great at first, but by 7:00 they were a little cranky. I walked Holden outside for a while, and then we decided to give them their bedtime bottles. I thought after that, they'd conk out, but not really! Alex took Henry outside for a while, and grandpa put Holden to sleep. Aunt Lauren held Henry till he went to sleep, but it was short lived! We took a group picture at the end, and both boys are awake. Then, I was SURE the car ride would put them to sleep, since it was definitely after their bed time, but we got home and they were still awake! I think they did go down ok once we got home. So for the most part the boys did fine, I'm just always hyper sensative and nervous that people are staring at us if the boys fuss. We got grandma a necklace that had her kids' and grandkids' names on it (Leah, Evan, Henry and Holden) and the boys wore their grandma onesies! ("Grandma is simply the best" is what they say.) So it was a fun evening with yummy food and good friends! Happy birthday, Grandma!

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  1. Such a cute family! I love that you are so good about dressing them alike and matching. I hardly care anymore. I only make sure he doesn't look too much like a hilbilly whenever we leave the house. Happy birthday to your mom!