Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby bulldogs and family fun!

A quick post because we had a busy Wednesday! Uncle Evan came over for lunch, and after the boys' nap, we headed to Butler. (He had season tickets to the regular season, but needed to buy tickets to a tournament game.) Evan thought we could "stroll" around Butler, and I was game, since the babies had never been! (And both their parents are alum!) So we put on our Butler onesies (a present from Uncle Evan and Aunt Lauren, coincidentally) and drove down! As we parked at Hinkle, I saw probably the only person I still know, my sorority sister, Lindsay! She suggested that we go see the bulldogs, Blue II and the new puppy, Trip! Lindsay told us where their owner's office was and said he liked visitors. :) So we treked over to Jordan Hall and down to the basement, and sure enough, we were lucky enough to see both dogs! The poor guy probably never gets any work done, but I guess he's used to having celebrity dogs. He was nice enough to take our picture, and Evan got to hold the puppy, Trip! As you can see, Blue II is a pro, and knew just what to do for a quick photo shoot. And the result is probably the cutest picture EVER, in my humble opinion. My mom said it'll be cute to watch the puppy grow up and become the Butler mascot and be able to show the boys this picture! The boys were great the whole time, and got lots of nice compliments on their cute Butler attire. (I think Evan was weirded out that people might think he was the dad, but oh well. :)

After we got home, the boys took a decent nap. Yay for mommy! Then, as if we hadn't had enough adventures for the day, we headed out again! My cousins were selling some of their kids' clothes, and since my cousin Jenni has twin boys a year or so older than my boys, I wanted to take a look at her outfits. :) (And I had a few to return that she'd loaned me at my shower.) So we headed down to Greenwood to see some family. The boys again did great in the car, even though it was a longer drive than usual. They got to see some family they hadn't met before, and enjoyed taking in all the action going on with cousins running around! I was so glad we finally got a picture with all of our kids!!! I can't wait until my boys are a little older and can run and play with the big kids. It will be so cute.
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