Monday, March 19, 2012

Surprise Party for Grandma!

So I know I said we went to dinner for my mom's birthday...but my dad is tricky! So that wasn't the end of the birthday fun for Grandma. :) He arranged for a huge surprise party as well! (He even got the house cleaned earlier in the week...he thought of everything!) The three pictures below are the boys' "present" to their Grandma, I put it in a three-opening frame.


So while mom was at church on Sunday, dad had several of her friends, Lauren and me come over to start setting up. (Lauren and Evan deserve most of the credit! They did a lot of the shopping for food and decorations, etc.) The "fun" part of setting up was that dad had made it an "Open House" type party, from 12 to 7 (yes, seven at night...) and we had NO CLUE how many people would show up! So needless to say, we had plenty of beverages. We should have taken a few more pictures of the setup, but it looked really nice! We were all worried someone would ruin the surprise, like someone at church mentioning "see you later" or me saying something about Sunday, but she was really surprised! (The family shot taken above was right before mom got to the house. I think it's a cute one! It was a really beautiful day, and hard to imagine it was 70 and sunny in the middle of March.)

Surprise, Grandma!

So here are a bunch of pictures from the day. I tried to take a lot, since I knew a bunch of people would be meeting the boys for the first time. I put them in their name shirts, given to us by our family friends in Texas, so people would know which boy they were holding! They definitely turned out to be useful. :) The boys did really well all day long, especially for being passed from stranger to stranger! They love people and being held, so I wasn't too worried about it.
We thought they would crash at nap time, and we did get them to sleep in the bouncy seats for a few minutes, but they didn't stay asleep long! They ended up taking naps on people's laps and shoulders a little later in the day. I was really excited that our family friends from Louisville would finally get to meet them! They've known me my whole life, so it was awesome to see them get to hold the boys for a while. I hope we'll see them again maybe this summer. Some of my dad's family was there, a few met the boys for the first time. And several of my mom's side of the family came, including my cousin Karla who owns the consignment shop I love to visit.
It was a great day! Lots of yummy food and great cake (from the guy who did Lauren's and my wedding cakes!) and lots of amazing friends and family. It was a beautiful outside, and the boys did really well, even though I think Henry was a little sick. I'm glad we have some pictures to remember who came.  
The extremely brief nap...


Holden with his "who are these people" face
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  1. I love your photos and dialogue. Such wonderful keepsakes. The boys are growing like crazy. Thank you for sharing. I love your Blog!