Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week in review

I feel like this last week was busy...I guess I may think back and find it wasn't, but it felt that way!

Sunday and Monday, I can't remember anything. Mom came over on Monday, we were able to sit out under the trees for a little bit. Pretty exciting for this early in March! The boys always seem happy and content to be outside, and it was cute to watch them roll around and kick on a blanket in our yard.

Tuesday was Mom's birthday, so I wrote about going to dinner. It was such a nice day, we got to be outside a little bit with Grandpa.

Wednesday WAS busy. Alex stayed home, since I was planning to go to a kids' consignment sale with Christie. We wanted to get there as soon as it opened to see if any good stuff was left! (The people who volunteer and consign get to shop early, so they snap up the good stuff!) I did buy a pack and play for $15, since we don't have one. It's not great, but I figure it'll be nice to take outside in the yard, or not worry about if it gets messed up. I bought a bunch of books for $1, some puzzles and toys, and a few clothes. It was a LONG line, but it was fun to be there with Christie. We saw our friend Emily, and her daughter Eleanor, who I shopped with the week before. (I did much better at this sale! :) That evening, I went to a concert to hear a former student play her solo with her school orchestra. It was great to hear her play, and she did an awesome job! (Go, Abby!) It was a lot less pressure for me this year, since I hadn't helped her prepare her solo like I did last year. :) I could just sit and enjoy hearing her instead of worrying!!

Thursday I taught my lessons and got to meet up with Laura for a bit. We got some dinner and got to catch up a little! Hopefully we'll get to see more of her soon. :)

Friday I went to support group, and then came home and had a loooong afternoon. I guess I'm used to seeing my dad or Christie on Fridays, so the afternoon felt long. Henry was especially clingy, so I walked around the yard for a while with him in the Moby wrap. They decided to stagger their naptimes, so I was trying to keep someone entertained the whole day! I called my sister-in-law Stephanie to catch up, and that helped get me through the last hour til Alex got home.

Saturday I went back to the same consignment sale with Christie. It was half-off day, so we thought it was worth a second look. (I hadn't bought many clothes the first time around, since I don't feel like paying much for boy's clothes. They're all pretty much polos and t-shirts, which are cute, but I'd much rather pay $1-2 than $3-4! Girls' clothes I'm sure are different. MUCH more selection and cute dresses in the girls' stuff!) So I picked up probably 15 things, and Christie had two bags full of girls' stuff. The line was WAY too long, and probably not worth waiting in, but again, it was nice to hang with Christie, and we talked with other people in line. That night, Grandma and Grandpa came over to babysit, and Alex and I went on a date night! It was great. :) We used a giftcard to Bonefish Grill, which was really tasty. Then we went to see the movie Friends With Kids, which was cute. Even Alex liked it a little. :) It was nice to have the boys already in bed when we got home, and Grandma and Grandpa must have worn them out, because they slept through the whole night til 8 am!! Woo hoo!

Sunday was mom's surprise party, which I wrote about in another post. It was a fun, but long day. The boys did great, and I enjoyed getting to see lots of friends and family we don't see often. By the time we got home, it was pretty much time to give them a bottle and put them to bed!

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