Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013 Part 2

The rest of the week of Christmas was pretty quiet. We finally managed to get down to Alex's family Christmas on Saturday. It is always crazy, since the house is packed with people and cousins, so I never get as many pictures as I want! We had a delicious dinner and enjoyed catching up with everyone. I tried to take some pictures while we were opening presents, but it's hard to get many good ones. The boys and their cousin Josh each got big construction trucks, which they loved pushing around the rest of the night. We had all the cousins there, so we were able to get a few cute pictures of all of them together! Love having these to look back on as the kids keep getting older! Crazy already to look at last year and see how little the boys were.

Almost all of the older cousins take music lessons, so some of the boys were showing us the songs they knew on piano. It was pretty cute, since Henry and Holden love the piano! Of course they like turning it off and on and the volume up and down more than playing it, but it was cute to see them all gathered around it. I think they always have a great time with their big boy cousins! Love that they have so many to grow up with on that side of the family. We went down again to visit and play the next day, but I didn't take any pictures. It was a nice Christmas and we love the time with family and cousins! :)

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