Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve I decided to get crazy and let the boys decorate sugar cookies. We pretty much were staying home in our pajamas for the morning/afternoon, so I wasn't too worried about a mess. I cleared off the counters and set up the sprinkles and dough, knowing I'd want to take pictures. Only afterwards did I see how messy the rest of the kitchen was!! Sigh. I should have at least closed that cabinet door behind them...Hopefully you won't notice that too much since the boys look cute! They definitely had fun, and even shared the sprinkles pretty well. Henry kept trying to eat the raw dough and then cried when I told him he couldn't. (In his defense, the play date cookie decorating had already baked and iced cookies, so they could eat them right away. This was the roll of dough, though, so I didn't think eating it before baking was a good idea!)

"Excuse me, mind if I reach across you..."

"Yeah, Henry! Use those sprinkles!"

The finished products before going in the oven. I know you'd eat those...
After nap, we headed over to my mom's house for our usual get together. Alex had a music gig, so he didn't come with us this year, but we had a fun time with Grandma, Papaw and Aunt Lauren and Uncle Evan. I tried to get shots of the boys all dressed up, since they looked so cute! But it's impossible to get both of them to hold still and/or look in my direction. Oh well! We snacked on all our favorite foods, ran laps around the kitchen, and read some books together before heading home for bed!
Giving Grandma her present

Handsome boys! (Eating crackers)

Reading the Night Before Christmas

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