Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pajama Play Date and Cookie Decorating Party

I had mentioned wanting to have a pajama/cookie decorating party to my mom group, and one of the girls graciously offered to make it happen at her house! (And she was 9 months pregnant! She's awesome.) We all came in our jammies, and had a brunch pitch in for lunch. She has a great basement that the kids love playing in/destroying. And we even did an under $5 gift exchange for all the kiddos so they all got something to open. (Which really just meant that Henry spent the next 15 minutes crying because I wouldn't let him open and play with the cool Play-doh he got! Sigh.) And we again attempted a group picture, which again means that half the kids need to cry (including mine this time!) :) 

After lunch, playing, and presents we decided to do the cookie decorating. We iced cookies for the kids and set out about 10 kinds of sprinkles in bowls on the table. I was so excited for this part and the kids didn't disappoint! It was so cute to watch. Holden really got into it and dumped tons of sprinkles on his. It was cute to see some kids really want to decorate, and some kids really just want to eat the cookie! Henry got his icing swiped off his cookie from TWO different kids! :) It wasn't even too much of a mess at the end, pretty amazing. We all had a great time, and I think everyone loved showing up in the comfy pjs. I hope we can make this a yearly tradition!

Honestly, we had a really good time! You just can't tell from the kids in this picture ;)

I know you want to eat those cookies...

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