Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Card (Mostly Fail) Shoot

Checking out the set-up
So, I had this great idea for a Christmas card shoot. I wanted to do cookies and milk in front of the fireplace! We always do photos in their jammies, and I thought that would look so cute. I mean, who could be grumpy eating cookies and drinking milk?? Plus, I had found a card on Shutterfly that fit the theme of cookies. So I set up the mantel with some garland and ornaments and we set out a few Christmas-y things. Before their nap, I let Henry and Holden decorate some sugar cookies with sprinkles. I went to Target and got a cute milk cup for both boys and a cookie plate. I invited our friend Hazel over, since I thought the boys might have more fun with her there, and I thought I could get some cute shots of her for her mom, too. The boys got up from their nap, and we started the "shoot".
...And I did not get more than ONE decent shot of the boys. (Alex says "You can't smile while you're eating," which is true, but I would have accepted looking in my direction and holding still!) I thought I was doing ok, when I checked them on the back of the camera, but when I uploaded onto the computer, a lot of good ones were blurry. And I had several cute ones where one boy was smiling and one wasn't looking, etc. Now, I did get some amazing shots of Hazel! Since this isn't her blog, I didn't put them up. But you can ask her mom, I got some great ones of the child that wasn't mine!! (Apparently it's easier to focus on and take pictures of only one kid at a time...) Sigh.
It was still a fun idea, and not too stressful, but just disappointing that I didn't get the great shots I was hoping for. I used one for the middle of the card and then luckily had some cute shots of them playing in the snow. I ended up not using the cookie card because the letters were white and our bricks on the fireplace are that didn't look good in the end. But the card I used was still my favorite card so far! Just wish me better luck in getting "the shot" next year. :)
The ONE decent shot that made the card
See how Hazel looks cute and smiley? She was like that the whole time....
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