Monday, December 16, 2013

"Snow" Much Fun!

We had our first "big" snow of the year, so we got out in it to play! Henry and Holden like the snow a lot better this year now that they can move around in the snow pants and boots, and they even keep their mittens on pretty well. Alex built an awesome snowman, which the boys loved watching and helping him build. He found a cool hat, sunglasses, and a carrot for the nose, but Lanore kept running off with the stick arms! I was super impressed with Alex's snowman, so he showed me how to roll the snow up to make the balls. We started making a little snow fort in the back of the yard before it was time to go in. (That's what the boys are sitting on in the last picture.) I was glad I brought my camera out, even though it was wet! I felt like I got a couple cool shots with the snow coming down. I'm sure I'll get a few more chances to practice before the season is over!

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