Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Crafty Fun

I decided to be really crazy this year and try some craft-y stuff. I let them dye Easter eggs, and it went better than I thought! I was actually sad I had only boiled a dozen, since they would have done a lot more. (But I didn't want to be wasteful, since I didn't know what we'd even do with all the boiled eggs we had.) I was impressed at how they did. The colors could have been brighter, but it was hard to wait long enough. But both boys were very good with the spoons getting them out of the cups, and nobody spilled or made a big mess.
I also made some sugar cookies and planned to let the boys decorate them (since we'd done some decorating around Christmas.) This didn't go as well, since the boys just wanted to eat the cookies or icing. I was aiming to make little chicks, and I think Henry made one successfully. Holden just put all the eyes on one cookie (which was creepy-looking) and then proceeded to eat his cookie. I finished up the rest and called it a success. :) I also made my egg nests with the chow mein noodles again, but was smart enough to put them in cupcake liners this year, which made them a little easier to transport and eat. Some fun creative projects, and can't wait to try them again next year!

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