Saturday, April 12, 2014

365 Project Week 15

This is a big exciting week!! We made it to 100 days!! Congrats to all my fellow photog friends who started at the new year. (Some started earlier, so lucky them, they're well past 100 already!) This was a big milestone for me in feeling like I could make it through the project! It wasn't a great photo week, in fact I missed a day and had to use some phone photos to make up for it. But I'm still proud of getting this far. Hopefully my photography has improved somewhat, if not, I still have plenty of time left in the year! :)

So this week we went to the park, the zoo, played outside, ate ice cream, fell down and then showed off our band aid, and generally had a crazy week! I also tried to get a picture of the moon, but it's not great. I probably need a little bit longer lens to make that happen, but it was an attempt! :)



  1. Nice work! You have really improved, its been so nice to watch you grow! I love, love that aquarium silhouette!!!!

  2. Great photos! I especially love the ones of the chalk drawings/rain puddle-splashing and the silhouettes at the aquarium!! Really nice!

  3. So first off!!! Im loving your work those week!! The silhouette is amazing!! I love your chalk cell phone pix, it has great composition. i can't wait to use some chalk with the boys :) you have grown so much and I love that we have been on this journey together almost from the beginning!! Nice work this week