Saturday, April 5, 2014

365 Project Week 14

It was a mostly disappointing week around here! I started off great, with my new favorite picture of both boys. (I did bribe them with Smarties to get this shot, but totally worth it.) Monday I was looking for spring but just ended up with a blah picture of the pansies. Tuesday we went to the park, but the lighting is tough since we are always there at 11-12ish when the sun is right over head. So I wasn't thrilled with any I got that day. Thursday I tried for a silhouette of one of my students, but it didn't turn out great. Good idea, I'll just have to try again another time. I also missed a day from being sick, so used a picture from another day to keep things in order. We saw a cool hawk or falcon in the tree in our backyard. It's hard to see it in the picture, but by the time I switched lenses it was gone. (Story of my life lately...just can't seem to get creative or get settings switched fast enough to get the shot, etc.) Saturday we played outside, and I love the one of Holden in the tree; it just screams "little boy" to me. :) So here's hoping I can get back on track a little! I'm just having a hard time getting to the computer much at all to update, and I really didn't want this blog to only become the picture project, but that's what it is right now. At least it's still a good document of our lives.



  1. Hello :) I love your stuff this week! The last pix is adorable, also great job on the silhouette! I have such a hard time with them, but love them so much! The shot of the boys sitting on the bench is adorable :) Love their expressions, and just between us I bribe my boys all the time for pix ;) Hope you are well!!

  2. These pictures are great! I love the first one - I can see why it's your new favorite. Amazing you got both looking so sweet and smiling for you at once! I also love the one of your son drinking out of the bowl. Shows how small they really are.