Friday, April 18, 2014

Egg Hunting Fun

The boys went to the Easter egg hunt at my mom's church and had a great time! We'd talked a little more about what an egg hunt was and what they would do this year. They did go to some last year but were pretty slow to grab any eggs, etc. So I'm not sure if they remembered from last year or just understood it better this year. But the eggs were hidden on the lawn for the kids to collect, then you traded your eggs in for a prize bag of goodies. I thought it was a good way to go, so each kid would end up with pretty much the same thing.
I didn't get any great shots of them hunting, but afterwards when we were walking to the car, we stopped in front of some yellow flowers and got one of my favorite pictures ever! My mom was standing behind me to get them to smile, and they turned out SO cute. It is definitely framed and hanging in my room. :) There were some construction vehicles in the back of the parking lot, so the boys got to climb on those for a minute, too. What a great day for twin toddlers! 

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