Tuesday, April 22, 2014

365 Project Week 16

We started an Alphabet Project with my photography group, so I am going to try and keep up with that. Some letters may be a stretch!! I also had a ton of fun pictures from our play group Easter egg hunt/party and from Easter weekend with both sets of grandparents. So I'll get some separate blogs up for those!

This is one of my new FAVORITES! It was after the egg hunt at my mom's church and she was making them laugh. Such a cute one. :)

 "A" is for artwork! In only one year of "school" we have amassed a large collection of crafts and artwork! I will have to come up with a storage plan soon...

"B" is for boy with a blue egg! And mommy being "brave" enough to attempt some crafting!

"C" is for new crib configuration. Both side rails are off! Total freedom! Which means that both boys typically sleep on the floor now...
"D" is for duet. Two of my high school viola players.

"E" is for egg hunt and egg nests. I made these last year, too, but added the cupcake liners since they are so messy!

"F" is for flower, my first little bloom. And for "finding" eggs and "feeding" Mommy a teddy gram! Sorry...had a really hard time choosing today! :)


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  1. Awe, love the first shot of the two boys, so cute! Love all that artwork, it really does accumulate fast, huh? And you have two...oh boy! I'm in love with your last f shot, his eyes are so stunning, love the bucket of eggs...everything! Great work this week!!