Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catch up/Week in review

I've been meaning to post for a while! I have lots of thoughts swirling in my brain right now, but for some reason, I've been too busy to post! (It couldn't be those two five month olds....could it?) So for now I'm just going to catch up on the last week!

President's Day, my friend and fellow music teacher from Avon, Stephanie, came to visit and finally meet the boys! It was really nice to catch up, and we even took the boys on a walk since it was such a nice day. I miss seeing her every day! Stephanie gets credit for the saying "Anyone can make it through an hour. It's just an hour." We always used to say that during our last hour of the day with kids....and now I find myself saying it as I count down the hours til Alex gets home! :) So I think of her when I tell myself you can do anything for an hour.

Tuesday mom came over to hang with us, Wednesday Evan and Phalo brought us lunch and took the boys for a walk, Thursday Alex stayed home from work sick, so I took the boys to my mom's. Dad appreciated this, as he was able to hold babies on his lunch break. The problem is that he can't say goodbye/leave them so his lunch break was roughly one and half hours.... :) Friday we had the world's largest playdate! No seriously! Nine moms and ten babies. The boys did pretty well; Holden rolled over on his own (but only once!) It's so fun to see all the older babies (the twins were the youngest there) play and crawl and eat real food and really explore. We got a few pictures of everyone on the couch, and it's pretty darn cute. We're trying to document them all together this little, so we can look back once they get older! I think it's pretty special to have friends you've known since birth, so hopefully we'll stay friends with some of these kids and get to grow up together. Friday night I took a cute little video of Holden laughing, since he was in a good mood, so I'll include that at the bottom!

Aunt Lauren came over on Saturday, and we made a quick trip to Babies R Us WITH the babies! (They'd never been. But they weren't all that impressed.) Every time I go to that store, I see other moms with twins. I swear, I need to take names and numbers and just form my own twin group! I'd love to talk to some other moms with twins close to this age. Laura and Jacob came over Saturday night, and we managed a trip to La Hacienda! Lucky me. :) The boys were good, but it's also a pretty noisy restaurant, so no one notices if they fuss anyway. Sunday I took the boys back to my parent's for the day, so that Alex could have uninterrupted time to work on the bathroom. The boys enjoyed this, as they are never put down at Grandma and Grandpa's! I managed a quick trip to Kohl's and Target, where I REALLY wanted to buy the boys some shoes. Yes, I know they don't need them...but they're such cute shoes, does it really matter? I resisted, but I don't think I can hold out for much longer. I made dinner for us, and then got the boys home in time for bed! (Bathroom update: still not complete, but making progress. I HOPE to have pictures of the completed bathroom soon....guess we'll see.)

So that was our week in review. Hopefully I'll have some time to blog about a few other things on my mind, but that'll depend on how much sleep I get over the next few days! Don't the boys understand that I need them to nap at the same time so that I can have some "mommy time"? Ha...

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