Friday, August 24, 2012

Eleven Months Old

Wow, that really sounds old. How can it be that next month I have two one year olds? I'm starting to really reminisce and think about what I was doing at this time last year, how we were still getting ready for them, how I still had another baby shower coming up. And I'm also looking forward to their birthday party! Woo! I got the invitations done, and I think they look really cute! I'll post it here soon.

I did take the boys in to get weighed, so Henry was 17 pounds, 15 ounces and Holden was 18 pounds, 6 ounces. So Henry's closing in the gap a little bit! I was worried they had an ear infection because they'd been cranky, but they were fine. Still waiting on more teeth to come in! (They're both still at 6.)

They're starting to get bored of all the same stuff around our house. They really seem to like to go somewhere new, like a friend's or grandma's house. They love to sit outside on the blanket in the yard and enjoy walks. I'm really hoping to get a wagon for their first birthday, because I think they'll love sitting up in that to go for walks.

 They both said their first words this month! They both said "dog" although from Henry it sounds like "da" and Holden it sounds like "gog". :) But they look for and point towards Lanore when they see her. And they can pretty much say duck and dada, too. I'm still working on getting them to wave or clap and to say bye bye or mama!

Napping has stayed mostly the same, although they don't want to sleep as long in the afternoon. They also seem pretty content to play in their cribs for a while in the morning, so sometimes I don't even hear them for a while after they wake up! And it's the cutest thing ever to hear them laughing at each other in the cribs. That's when I really wish I had a video monitor! Eating has been a struggle, since they seem to be bored of old stuff but not very willing to try new stuff. We kinda broke down and went back to more purees to make sure they were eating some vegetables. They always love puffs and bananas and usually toast or gram crackers. They are not crazy about eating cut up veggies by themselves. I'm a little anxious to switch to whole milk in a month or so, but they'll probably be just fine. We just haven't spent a lot of time getting them to drink from a sippy, so hopefully they can figure that out by then!

Can't think of much else to report. I'll definitely try to write longer posts about each of them for their birthday. And I'm sure I'll have LOTS to post about their party! Woo! So that's all for now. I'll leave you with two sneak peek pictures of their invite/party theme. :)

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