Sunday, August 12, 2012

Random Picture Post

Ok, here it is, for those of you who never read anything and just look at the pictures! (You know who you are. But, I don't really blame you. Who doesn't like looking at cute baby pictures?!)

One piece of info: Boys' birthday party will be Sat. Sept. 29th, so mark your calendars! We can't wait to see lots of our friends and family there!

Funny face Henry

Holden in Daddy's hat!

They love playing with the's SO cute!
Love this one! Henry in the kitchen..."mom, I'm busy cooking! I can't smile for a picture!"
Ok, I also love this one. Henry in the Clif bar box.
Where ya goin'?
"Mom, we don't like flip flops. Stop torturing us!"
Bottle time after an afternoon in the pool!
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