Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Alex got to celebrate his first birthday as a daddy! The boys as you can see were very serious about this, I wonder where they got it... :) Daddy hates to smile for pictures, too. We kept things low key, cause that's how he likes to be! I made a cake and got a balloon (mostly for the boys since they love to play with them.) I made dinner that night too, to try and give him a chance to sit and relax and have a drink!

We also went to dinner that Friday at the Oceanaire downtown. We'd never been, but they were doing the Devour Downtown special menu that made it a little cheaper. That place is expensive! But it was really good, and it was fun to have a night out together. (Thanks, Ashley, for watching the boys for us!) So happy birthday, Alex. Thanks for being a great husband and dad. I know you work hard to take care of all of us! We love you!
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