Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Playdates and Parties, Oh My!

We had a fun and busy weekend! Starting with the playdate at Rachael's house on Friday, it was great to catch up with the moms and babies I hadn't seen in a while. So hard to remember when our playdates used to be babies laying on the floor and maybe rolling over! Now it's so fun to see who's walking, waving, talking, (Sometimes we have to watch out for bullies.. ::cough Ian cough:: just kidding! :) Avery had a cool new wagon that she pushed Holden around in. In the second picture, Henry decides to get involved. In the third, Holden looks frightened that now his brother is pushing him. :) 

On Saturday, we had Ian's first birthday party! It was so cute, Melissa did a great job. She had a Dr. Seuss theme with lots of red blue and yellow decorations, and a cute photo banner. They had lots of push toys and climbers in the yard so the babies could all roam and play. (She apparently has tons of friends with babies because there were probably 6-8 kids playing in the yard!) It finally cooled down a little and was such a pretty day! Rachael and I started to dream about fall hayrides and pumpkin excited! She had lots of yummy things for the boys to try, including mini grilled cheeses and meatballs. I think they both liked them! Although when Alex tried to make the boys meatballs at home the next day, they didn't go for it. Must be the yummy sauce she had at the party. Ian did an awesome job smashing into the cake. I was pretty impressed that he actually ate a pretty big chunk of it! We got a picture of the playdate moms and dads that were there. Note Ian's red velvet covered face...awesome! They also had a wagon, so we got a cute picture of Avery between the boys. As Kelly says, it's an Amerman sandwich! She had cute party favors could I pass up anything that has Thing 1 and Thing 2 on it? :)

That evening, we went to my parents' house to celebrate my dad's 60th. My mom made a yummy lasagna, which Henry was willing to try and Holden was not! It was fun to have them sitting in their chairs with us at the table while we ate, instead of someone holding them and not being able to eat with everyone else. Makes me excited for Thanksgiving this will be a real family meal that they can participate in. So no pictures from the family dinner, but Happy Birthday, Grandpa! Your boys are lucky to have you as a grandpa, I'm lucky to have you as a dad, and we love you! :)

The next day...the party fun wasn't over! We went to my friend Christie's new house for Charlotte's first birthday. We missed most of the party since it was during the boys' nap, but it was fun to check out their new place, and I think the boys enjoyed playing with some of her new toys! They also got to explore a little and try climbing the steps. I'm sure we'll be hanging out there in the future. She had a cute theme as well, with the shabby chic decorations she made. I loved looking at how little she was and how she grew. I remember holding her in the hospital before the boys were born. How did a year go so fast? Christie got a few good pictures of us with the kids. It's practically impossible to get a good one of four kids...but we try! :) Now I think the next party will be ours...can't wait to have all our favorite people in one place to celebrate the cutest twins turning one! I better get working on decorations...the bar has been set pretty high! :)
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