Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First State Fair Trip

While my mom was out of town for a few days, I asked Alex to take a day off of work and go to the State Fair. I usually go every year, but I skipped last year because I was pregnant. I just didn't feel like waddling around in the heat! And I knew they probably wouldn't get that much out of it this year, either, but I wanted to go! We got a good deal on admission, so we didn't feel too bad if we needed to leave early. I think we made it there a little after 10 or so, which messed up the boys nap schedule a little. But they did fine, they did take a quick snooze in the strollers!

We went to the photos/art/baking building first. I always love to look at the photographs. I wish I could take good pictures like that! Maybe someday. :) At least that building was air conditioned, so it was a good place to chill! The boys enjoyed a quick gram cracker before we moved on. (I had put their sandals on to keep some of the sun off their feet. Of course, they didn't want them on, and made it a game to see how quickly they could kick them back off! So I didn't really fight with them to get the sandals back on, hence the pictures of them with shoes missing. But it was really funny how many people stopped to point out that they were missing a shoe! :) It was sweet, but I'd put the other one back in the stroller pocket.)

Alex and I were hungry by that point, so we got one of the curly potato things. (They cut up and fry a few potatoes, so it's like a big curly fry/chip yummy thing.) We let the boys try some of it, but I don't think they were that into it. We also gave them a banana and some puffs, which they were happier about. So they got to get out of the stroller for a few minutes and sit in the grass while we ate. Then we wandered through some of the animal barns, and stared at some cows for a while. We headed back around to see the Super Dogs show, which was cute. I doubt they got much out of that either, but they do like dogs. And Alex and I enjoyed it! We should have gotten there earlier to get a seat in the stands and we could have stayed through the whole thing. We were just standing on the side, so after 10-15 minutes, we headed on.

We walked for a while longer, but skipped most of the exhibits. It's hard when you have such a wide stroller like we do. Alex got a sandwich and I got some corn (yum!) which I always have to get. I wanted to see the horses, so we walked back around the track to finally make it through the horse barns. The boys napped for a while at this point, and then were awake when we walked through the barns. I think next year they'll be a lot more into the animals, and that part will be more fun. I wanted to get them a grilled cheese (since it's the year of the dairy cow at the fair!) but they weren't even into that!

By that point, it was hot and we'd stayed a pretty long time. We had brought bottles for the boys, but somehow they leaked into the ice pack and there was hardly any left! So it was time to head for the car! We snapped a few quick pictures by the midway and I got an elephant ear as we were leaving. I wanted to offer that to the boys as well, but they were pretty cranky by that point. (It was actually the worst elephant ear I've ever had.... :( quite a disappointment.) We gave them what was left in the bottles and luckily had some extra in the car. So it was a pretty successful day overall! Honestly, I think we could have been an exhibit ourselves, considering the number of people looking and smiling at us and asking if they're twins. Maybe next year we'll charge admission to see the adorable twins. :)

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